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The state of play, April 2019: 19 candidates have officially declared their candidacy for the Democrat nominee for President 2020. A similar number of Republican candidates vied for the GOP nominee in 2016, as if this number of candidates in either party is normal. It isn’t. What’s going on?

Whilst the main stream media portray this amount of choice as good for democracy, the opposite is true. Most of these candidates (Dem or GOP) are there to subvert genuine democracy as far as citizens being able to vote for genuine alternatives is concerned. Since third party candidates were barred from being on a televised debate stage, there is only a corporate duopoly available to vote for. Dem or GOP, there’s not much difference as far as foreign war and domestic economic policy is concerned.

What both main parties (the corporate duopoly) are scared of is the progressive movement and people like Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and most of all Bernie Sanders.

This anti-progressive tactic has been evident since the 1950’s in the Democrat Party with their kill-switch on Wallace. Given the massive failure of Hillary Clinton in 2016 to provide any actual policy that people could rally behind and given the corruption of the DNC to tilt the scales against Bernie (who gained 48% of the Democratic vote, despite the corporate media’s attempts thwart him), one might think the Dem party might change. One might be forgiven for naively thinking that they might support someone for their nominee who people actually like, instead of using the MSM to try to prop up someone that people don’t like and who is out of touch. Such a naive thought would be wrong. The corporate MSM are pushing Joe Biden (still Biden his time about announcing his candidacy, presumably to ride the wave of free TV publicity as long as possible, much like Trump did, and to test the waters about whether he has any chance to gain the nomination given his dubious past record as seen from a progressive electoral perspective, the MSM attempts to silence that perspective notwithstanding).